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Building an effective advertising platform for marketer and those who seeking for making money online.

A result oriented advertising platform that believe in delivering quality result!

An awesome plan for both advertiser and members for a long term earning opportunities.

A Father, Investor, Trader, and Entrepreneur. Born and reside in Singapore. Never miss any opportunity that had come across in his life. His dream to help millions of people around the world are about to achieve with AOMM.

Zack Wan
AOMM Solutions, Founder

Known as KingKong been an online marketer for multiple money making program since 2009. Being born to love marketing have made him crazy and fanatic earning online. Only one goal he have when came to online business, to bring what he have learned to change how this industry been running. His adventure in marketing had made him learn coding and being webmaster so he could serve the community with the service that everyone should deserve. His success in running offline business had give him the courage to move up to the next step to bring AOMM solution to a new level.

Haniq Wafi
AOMM Solutions, Co Founder

A platform build for the people. We rise from lifting others.

A life dedicated to serving others is the life we should all aspire to live.― Auliq-Ice

  • Our Misson

    To provide innovative and effective advertising which helps both our advertiser and members to grow their businesses and create a steady stable income from home.

  • Our Vision

    Delivering result-oriented advertising campaign and easy money making platform to earn from home, enhance our advertiser awareness, improve their sales and a stress-free ways for our members to earn from home.

  • Our Objectives

    In AOMM we have one huge goal that to create an advertising platform that will rewrite this whole industry and bring it to whole new level. Our primary focus is on making it, self-sustainable and putting every ways and means for our members to build their home base business.

  • Our Values

    • We’re here to serve
      Our commitment to both advertiser and members is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and we go above and beyond every day to prove it. It’s in our DNA.
    • We’re passionate what we do
      We never lose sight of what matters most: Relationship and long term commitment. We succeed when both our advertiser and members succeed.
    • We are creative,but smart too
      Pure and simple. We produce clever work, but always keep the objective top of mind.
    • We’re great to work with
      We like to have fun, but we’re serious about the result. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We know our craft, but are open minded and all ideas are welcome.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Are you HYIP, MLM, Matrix or Cycler?

NO, We sell advertising and that is it.


Can i get rich?

NO, In no way or form you are able to get rich with our platform. Are you looking for a stable program to advertise and create some additional income from it? If yes, you found it.

Are you legal?

YES, We sell advertising and share our profits with our members thru our innovative profit share system. We have a business entity in Singapore.


Can Free Members Make Money With Your Platform?

YES, We sell advertising. Be it free or paid members refer advertiser, when services are bought you able to earn commission and also you are free to view our advertiser ads or promote their campaign. We share what we earn.

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